Sunday, 29 January 2012

No7 Smokey Rose Quad

These wearable, smokey warm, metallic tones can take your look from day to night.
I got this palette free from No7 because I bought one of their mascaras. I'm not sure if they still have this giveaway offer on, but it's worth going to have a look as I love this palette!
You get 4 quite shimmery metallic colours that are so wearable for every day use, and also a double ended applicator. You can create a lovely smokey eye with these colours. It helps that they are so pigmented :)
Sorry it was so long :)

Ellie X

Saturday, 21 January 2012

NOTD: Revlon VIXEN - 570

I purchased this Revlon nail polish for only £1.50 at my local market which has discounted beauty products. In Boots, Superdrug etc. it is priced at £6.49.

As you can see, it's quite a dark colour. It is number 570 and the colour name is Vixen. This nail polish also dries quite quickly which is always a bonus!

As I said before, it is quite a dark colour, but only after you put a couple of coats on. Your first layer will be quite a burgundy colour and it will get darker with each coat and will look quite a dark purple, still with burgundy and red hints.

I think the consistency of this nail polish lets it down, as it's a little bit runny. The brush is one of those in the middle sizes which I suppose is okay! I can deal with it!
I don't think I would pay full price for another revlon nail polish, as i'm not that keen on the consistency. But you can deal with it and i would recommend this to anyone who can deal with a little bit of a runny consistency!

Ellie X

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rimmel Lip Liner.

If you have read my other posts, you should have guessed im a little bit obsessed with rimmel products... well i went out today and purchased a lip liner from rimmel. I got this in the shade 063 EASTEND SNOB. (£3.99)

I use this colour to fill in my lips rather than to line them when im wearing a lipstick. It lasts for quite a while on your lips which is good and is quite easy to apply.I think you have to get used to putting it on as it can be quite awkward putting it on the first few times! The only downside to it is that it makes your lips feel quite dry when your wearing it but i apply a clear vaseline over the top and its fine! :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011


I use Rimmel Products nearly everyday! I use the 25hr lasting finish liquid foundation, stay matte powder and the rimmel blush, i only own 1 of their nail polishes though :/
This foundation has suchhhhhh good coverage its unbelievable!!! If your looking for a good foundation then i would reccomend this! i use liquid foundation quite a lot and this is the best one i have used, i actually re-purchased this because i loved it so much!!! This lquid foundation is only £6.99 which is soooooo good for what you get out of it. It also lasts you a long time so i would definatly reccoment this!

I LOVE this powder soooo much! I personally use quite a lot of powder, and even the darker shades don't come off that dark. This powder is ONLY £3.99!!! This product states that it's perfect for all skin types, it is! Me and my friends have opposite skin types and it works for both of us which is great! This pressed powder does keep your skin matte and for a reasonbly good amount of time :) i would reccoment this to anyone who is looking for a good priced powder that is good!

Saturday, 24 December 2011



New Blog!

So I just found out about blogging! I used to do YouTube videos but I am no longer carrying on with that anymore, but i wanted to carry on with someone online to do with beauty etc.
My friends
elisebeautyx and navylou made blogs, so I made one to see how it goes! And here it is...

My Username is PinkVick but my blog isn't very pink...